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SSH Shell Access Denied on cRIO-9047

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I'm developing a monitoring application using a cRIO-9047 and am having troubles with SSH access. I have set up a password for the admin username on the cRIO and can access all features using this login via MAX and Web-based System Configuration, but when I try to open an SSH session in PuTTY using the same credentials, access is denied. This is a problem for me for two reasons:

1. I'm using a DCAF architecture and the deploy tool doesn't work with an access denied message... (the syslog files on the cRIO say, among other things, Failed Password for admin from <ipaddress> port xxxxx ssh2). I tried to manually copy the required ni .so syslog files to /usr/local/lib via the Web-based System Configuration Remote File Browser, but that results in a "500 Internal Server Error" and doesn't work.

2.  I need to disable the Linux OS Time Synchronisation so I can use NTP for timestamping, and to do so I need to send commands via SSH, but access is denied.

I've reformatted and reinstalled software on the cRIO multiple times to no avail. Any ideas???



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Never mind, I think the act of posting this question helped me to solve it. I updated NI System Configuration software from version 19.5 to version 20.0, along with Remote Panel Server for LV RT and Run-time engine for Web Services, and all is well.... (I need mostly LV 2019 versions to support OPC UA and CANOpen).

So I suppose this is now just a note for any other unknowing LV 2019 users 🙂


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