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SMB connector on crio 9074


I am wodering to use the trigger on cRIO 9074 to receive one pulse per second output of GPS. But the problem is I have no idea what type of SMB connector is deployed to plug in the trigger.

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Hi Leo,


If you take a look at the manual for the 9074 it explains the characteristics of the SMB on page 20:


Here is how can use this trigger terminal:


I hope this helps.



Mahdieh G
Applications Engineer
National Instruments UK&Ireland
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HI MahdiehG


Thank you for your help.


But I misunderstood the function of SMB connector. In fact, the SMB connector is implemented for drift correction. I thought it's used to synchronized the cRIO.


How can I synchronize the cRIO 9074 with absolute time of GPS. I am using GPS of GMR 18 LVC. I am wondering to plug the 1PPS output of GPS to the trigger. On the other hand, connecting the serial port of cRIO to gather the information of GPS.


Can you help me out?


Best regards



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Hi MahdiehG,


Sorry to bother you. But I have the same question. As each CRIO is placed far away from each other and I want to use the GPS to synchronize the measurements conducted in each individual CRIO. So should I use PPS signal generated by the GPS receivers or should I use the absolute timing source in the GPS receivers? In addition, I have noticed the Real Time module of LabVIEW. So can I use the real time module to do this?


Thanks for your help!




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