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SFTP server in a VxWorks cRIO ?



I would like to know if it's possible to implement a SFTP server in an "old" VxWorks cRIO-9022 controller.


I am not really qualified about SSH and so on, so please excuse me if it is a stupid question Smiley Wink


Thank you

Yohann L.
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Hi Yohann,


If you wanted to implement SFTP I would recommend using WebDAV:

Using WebDAV to Transfer Files


However if securing the file is not an issue you could try FTP instead:

This is how you would set up FTP:

Using FTP With an NI Linux Real-Time Target


Then have a look at transfer files over:

How Can I Transfer Files over FTP to a Remote System?


FTP Server:

How Do I Transfer Files to a FTP Server?


Hope this helps.


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