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SBRIO Enclosure



I am developing an application for SBRIO. I was wondering whether anyone try to put the SBRIO in an enclosure, If so I would like to know what kind of box did you use and what is the best way to package it. I am also developing a daughter board for signal conditioning.





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Hi Mudda,


Please look up the link to the sbRIO FAQ page. We do not provide any enclosures for the sbRIO but you can use external ones like the Hoffman Enclosure. 


Ipshita C.

National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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Thanks for the reply but I already new that, I was wondering whether someone used a third party enclosure or you need to make a custom enclosures?
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Please read the FAQ carefully. It is mentioned in the sixth section that 'A variety of third-party companies, such as Hoffman, offer enclosures for extreme environments that you can use with any NI products including NI Single-Board RIO.' Regarding custom enclosures, you are free to build one but it is not something we specifically recommend.


Ipshita C.

National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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Mr/Ms Ipshita,


No need to remind me twice to read which I already new. My posting was for a non NI SBRIo user. I just wanted to check if someone already made an enclosure before I start my customre box.

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Thanks for clarifying the question. However, as your first post did not mention explicitly that you have a non-NI sbRIO, it seemed that you were using a NI product. As the discussion forums are mainly for NI products, please specify if you are using hardware or software that is non-NI. It helps the engineers a great deal when they answer forum posts. Thanks!


Ipshita C.

National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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dont answer to this tread. you are not at all understanding my questions when in dount do not answer the questions. let someone else worry about it. If I get reply from you on this thread I have to have a serious conversation with my NI sales engineer. If you care for you customers do not answer to this thread. I don't want to hear from you.

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Hi Mudda,


The feedback I've received is that customers are using a mix of off-the-shelf third-party enclosures and custom enclosures.  I don't have a list of off-the-shelf enclosure vendors that customers have used so far.


For example, you can see the enclosure that Ventura Aerospace used in their NI Single-Board RIO-based application published in their solution.


Another customer I know of contracted PPI to quickly turn a custom enclosure.


If you've read the NI Single-Board RIO FAQ, then I'm sure you've read the article we published on selecting or designing an enclosure with consideration for electromagnetic compatibility, if EMC is a concern for your design.  


For demonstrations within NI, I've even been able to modify an NI CA-1000 accessory and mounted a Single-Board RIO inside.  That accessory is oversized for Single-Board RIO and probably isn't a good path to volume applications, but maybe a good prototyping enclosure.


I'll try to check with a couple other customers that I've worked with and see if they have specific recommendations for a third-party enclosure.  In the end, there are a lot of variables and you should choose an enclosure that meets your environmental rating needs, extra space for your additional daughtercard or other components, and flexibility to add applicable connectors.





National Instruments

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Hi Spex,


This is what I was looking for, I am designing a custom enclosure for my SBRIO and I posted this thread just to get few ideas before I finalize my design. I appreciate for sharing the information.





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We have experience designing and building custom enclosures for sbRIO, and can definitely help out, with very quick turn if you require. Please contact me directly if you are interested. My contact info is listed below.


Best Regards,



Ben Feldman
Vice President, Product Development
Prototype Productions, Inc.
21641 Beaumeade Circle Suite 301
Ashburn, VA 20147
office 703.858.0011 x304
cell 703.856.2034
fax 703.858.0602


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