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SBRIO-9627 vs 9628 vs 9629

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Recently I've seen new SBRIO boards on

As you can see there, 9628, 9629 and 9603 models have 45 differential analog input channels each.

When I download for example 9628 specifications, I see that it has 16SE/8Differential AI channels (like the old 9627).


Can you upload the updated datasheets for the new boards?

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Hello Vladimir, 


Unfortunately, the CompactRIO Single-Board Controller Shop website contains the wrong information.

The new CompactRIO Single-Board controllers, such as sbRIO 9628, are designed to be form, fit, function replacements for the sbRIO-9607, sbRIO-9627, sbRIO-9627, and sbRIO-9697. Featuring a similar I/O set, the new controllers have higher performance processors and larger FPGAs than their older counterparts. The new controllers also offer several new and improved features based on common feedback such as DAQmx capabilities and TSN support.


The correct information can be found on the Single-Board RIO Controller Specification and Datasheet, such as in the 9628:


As you can see in Figure 1, the sbRIO has 16 single-ended/8 differentials AI.  


Let me know if you have any question



Dalia Russek
Senior Technical Support Engineer
National Instruments ISRAEL Ltd
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