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SBRIO 9626 connection Problem

Hi All,


Recently, I have a problem with SBRIO9626 such that I can not connect to it through ethernet cable. One possible reason wich may cause the problem that I found one of the analoge input ground was connected to 0.45V for few second and after that I could not connect to it anymore. However, when I turn it on the status led follws the normal operation and it can go to the safe mode and exit to the run mode again succefully. Any suggestion on how to solve this problem?!


Thanks in advance.

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Of course, first thought that comes to mind is that the channel might became damaged - in that case, if you wan to fix it, you'll need to send it to National Instruments RMA department. You should contact for more information.



1.  what do you mean by you cannot connect to it any more? - have you tried running an application using it and it threw you an error?

2. Do other channels work?


Kind regards, 


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Hi Ruta,


Thanks so much for kind reply.

What I mean by "I can not connect to it any more" is when I try to connect the sbrio board to PC through ethernet cable, I cannot find it through NI MAX/Labview. 


for you second question, because I cannot connect to it, I am not sure righ now!




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