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Running FPGA VI from Host VI


Dear all,


I know this has been discussed a few times but all the information I got so far didn't solve my problem.


I use "Open FPGA Reference" --> "Reset"--> "Run".


Unfortunately the FPGA doesn't start and I have to start it manually.

Are there any other things I have to take care about?


best regards


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First stupid question: Did you compile the FPGA?


I do not think you need to use the Reset and Run methods.  Just set the checkbox in the Open FPGA Reference properties to run the FPGA.

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I use Open Dynamic Bitfile Reference instead of a FPGA VI Reference constant, but either approach should work.  I would recommend linking the reference to the compiled bitfile instead of to the FPGA VI, however.  Also, following the Reset and Run methods, you might want to clear any instance of error 61003, which will occur if you attempt the Run method on an FPGA which is already running.



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