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Restart cRIO-9057 via HTTP

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With older CompactRIOs like 9067 and 9035, we were able to restart the device by

  1. The web interface of the device
  2. By issuing a POST request to http://hostname/rtexecsvc/RebootEx, Content-Type application/x-www-form-urlencoded, Content RebootIn=0&BootMode=0

Both methods are not supported by cRIO-9057.

Is there another way to restart the device programmatically (without LabVIEW/MAX)?

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What LabVIEW and NI-cRIO driver are installed on those cRIO? I don't think that it is relevant to the model of the cRIO but the driver version. There is some changes on the NI Web Based Configuration and Monitoring Tool due to the retirement of Microsoft Silverlight. Try the new tool for NI Linux RT Image 21.0 or later.

Can I Use the NI Web Based Configuration and Monitoring Tool Without Microsoft Silverlight?


Alternatively, you can use System Configuration API to restart the target programmatically. Reboot LabVIEW Real-Time Controller Programmatically

You can create an exe from a development machine to another deployment machine that does not have LabVIEW.


If you don't have access to LabVIEW at all, you can use C or C# programming. However, there is no shipping example for restarting. You can modify one from the existing examples.

Installing NI System Configuration .NET Examples


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Thanks! You're right, it's the software, not the chassis. We have LabVIEW RT version 17.0.0 installed on our 9067/9035s and version on the 9057s.


Can you confirm that the NEW web based configuration tool does not provide a restart option?


Implementing a reboot utility using LabVIEW is not an option due to the heavy impact on deployment. Your link to the .NET examples for System Configuration refer to Version 18.5, which does not support the newer RT software. I was not able to locate the .NET assemblies for the latest version 2022 Q3.


Anyways, I ended up tracing NI MAX and figured out that it uses a Secure Shell session for rebooting. This is a viable solution for me as it can be implemented without proprietary NI software on PC side, which is a strict design rule over here.

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Accepted by jonas.d

Sorry, I don't have access to the new cRIO to check out the new web-based configuration tool.

Anyway, glad that you have figured out the SSH method. The new Linux RT Image enables SSH by default. You can create a batch file to open an SSH session and instruct the reboot command from the Windows host PC.

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