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Requesting recovery.cfg for a cRIO-9065

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Hi all,


We have two controllers here from an integrator which doesn't do any National Instruments integration anymore. These controllers are password protected and the password is long lost. We wanted to factory default these controller for future use. To do this we need a recovery.cfg file. Technical support cannot help since we do not have a support contract, but advised to get help on the forum.


Can someone help us out?


Thanks in advance!

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Accepted by topic author HZDEV

Have you tried putting the controller into Safe Mode and reinstalling the run mode image. from MAX? If not, hold the reset button for a about 5 seconds until the (orange/yellow) status light comes on. This should put the controller into Safe Mode. From NI MAX you can reinstall the base image.


If that does not work, let me know via this thread.

David C
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Thanks for the response and help.


I will try it out next week since I'm not in the office. I will surely update this thread and let you know if the suggested method did work.



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Just a quick update that the above method did indeed work and I got the recovery.cfg just in case.



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I wanted to ask how you were able to obtain the recovery.cfg.




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