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Replication and Deployment (RAD) 16.0 race condition bug

I'm a little surprised that no one else has encountered this. I was experiencing intermittent errors when trying to deploy an image to a controller. More often than not, deployment would report an incompatible chassis. In the RAD source, I tracked it to a bug in the function that extracts the system image to the user's local temp folder. There is parallel execution where a folder path is deleted while at the same time files are attempted to be copied to that location. Making these operations sequential seems to resolve the issue.

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Hi egraham,


This issue was reported in Github here:


One of the major challenges is that NI R&D does not support the RAD utility and issues like this are expected to be resolved by the community.



Randy @Rscd27@
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Either I was never aware or had forgotten that RAD was on Github. Had I known, I would have submitted a pull request when I made my fix. When doing a search for NI RAD, this is one of the first results to appear. It provides a link to download the source, but makes no mention of the Github repository.


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Actually, it appears this open pull request from March, 2020 might attempt to fix this problem?

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You are right! However, I think R&D is no longer accepting pull requests on the RAD code.

Randy @Rscd27@
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