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Replace daq assistant with what?

I noticed that it's not recommended to use DAQ Assistant Express VI in a real-time VI. What kind of code should I replace it with? Do I have to create a task or a channel from scratch (using non-express VIs) or can I use one built using DAQ Assistant (I'll do the read/write/sampling using non-express VIs)?
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Hi Abdel2,


I recommend that you start with existing example code and modify it to fit your needs.  DAQ examples are found in LabVIEW » Help » Find Examples... » Browse by Task » Hardware Input and Output » DAQmx.  The clock icon denotes examples compatible with the LabVIEW Real-Time Module.  If you describe your application, we can point you to some relevant examples.

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Thanks, those examples are actually very helpful.
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hello , i have got the same problem , in my case i have to replace the DaQ assisstant with a code that is capable of changing a wav file into data i can analyse ( finding notes of a specific given sound clip ) 


here is the code i am starting with but its kinda not compatible so how can i make it compatible ? 



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The DAQ Assistant Express VI uses NI DAQmx VIs to run DAQ tasks. You can see the code it generates by right-clicking on the Express VI and selecting Convert to NI-DAQmx Task from the shortcut menu. The code created may not be the most efficient due to the way the scripting engine generates the code. What you can see is how the different NI-DAQmx API VIs are configured to perform the functionality you need. You can take the code and refactor it to be more efficient. The examples are a good place to see well written NI DAQmx code. 


One last point, while the DAQ Assistant Express VI is not recommended, it doe not mean you cannot use it. If you are not worried about jitter, or other performance issues, and the application is working for you, don't worry too much. Just be aware that it can be a problem when you need low jitter in a Timed Loop, or you are optimizing for performance. 

David C
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