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Real-time scan resources deploy problem

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Hi, evryone!


When I try to deploy c-modules I become error: "The current module settings require NI Scan Engine support on the controller."Deploy_Error.PNG

But Scan Engine has been already installed on my controller.





I've already tried the following:

1. Restart controller (Does not help)

2. Reinstall Software on controller (Does not help)

3. Format Disk and Reinstall Software on controller (It worked 1 time, then it stopped helping)

4. Change module Program Mode  (Does not help)



Please, help me to solve this problem.

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 I found a similar solution: 


But in my case it doesn't work(((

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Checked out DAQmx. When I put the module in this mode and try to run Test Panels .. it gives an error -50150.



Error Test Panel.PNG

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I tried to run FPGA. The program compiled but refused to run, saying that Chasis was in scan mode.




With this, I configured all modules to FPGA mode.



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Did the cRio formatting and reinstall NI CompactRIO 20.0 (for LV2019). During installation, I did not change the selected packages, I left everything as it was by default. Updated the firmware. As a result, cRIO started working in FPGA and DAQmx modes. But in RT Scan mode, everything also does not work, because Scan Engine was not installed.


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Accepted by topic author EgorKarlin

Hello @e.karlin 

The reason for this error might be various versions of LabVIEW installed on your PC. As long as when installing Scan Engine version dependent dlls are being used from C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2019\resource\ScanEngineHandlers and a conflict occurs, try to repair software from NI Package Manager or reinstall it. 

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