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Real time graphic of analog input in sbRIO-9631

Sorry for my English.
If allows I have 2 questions about working with sbrio-9631 Board :

  1. sbrio-9631 Boardsbrio-9631 Boardhow to output the analog signal value in real time on XY GRAPH?

for example, I took the analog input 24 (AI24). a potentiometer is connected to it.
I tried to do something, but it didn't work. show test1.7z


  1. I have a piezopolymer sensor with these characteristics:

piezopolymer sensor characteristicspiezopolymer sensor characteristics


  • Capacitance:11.12pF
  • Average sensitive 52 pC/N
  • Resistivity >20 Mohmw2KlIIN4EN0.jpg

  Is it possible to connect this sensor directly to the analog input of sbRIO-9631 Board?


thanks in advance for the answer.

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I saw this in the data sheet:


A wheel load of 400 pounds will produce a minimum output signal of
250 mV, at 70°F and 55 mph for a proper installation


Which is promising. It might work fine out of the box. My only concern is that I didn't see an output impedance. There's a small chance you'll need an op amp to buffer the signal.

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Thank you so much nanocyte!!! I used tl071cp low noise JFET input, and high input impedance.

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I'm not sure that that op amp would have a higher impedance than the 9631 so you might want to try without. But, if it works, it works!

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Nanocyte thank you for your advice, for now I can not test, on monday I'll see what it.

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