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Re: FPGA Read/Write not working in cRIO 9073

crio 9073

i am running scan interface mode with 9205 AI module, saving the data in TDMS format. while in open tdms, i gave the file path as c:\ip address\ filename. then it is saving in the internal memory of crio. when i build the exe with same file .tdms file is not saving in the internal memory of crio, it is saving in the c-drive of computer. so how to save the file in internal memory of c-rio with .exe 

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Well, C:\ does not even exist on the cRIO-9073.  I recommend you give this article a good read: Working with File Paths on Real-Time Targets

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i am a beginer i couldnt get much

is this process is ok

as i mentioned earlier this is working fine,bulding exe with the same it is saving in my computers drive. 

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