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RT stand-alone VI

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I've built a stand-alone application and set it as startup. Is it possible for a VI running on RT to distinguish whether its running from a stand-alone application?

The thing is, when I control the VI from PC, I need to monitor some data (for debugging) but when runnning as stand alone, I dont need that as the data keeps accumalating and will run out of memory sometime. If there is spme kind of a property of VI that can be used to determine if its a stand-alone app, I can create some logic so that VI behaves differently when I build the stand-alone app.


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Accepted by topic author Shiva419
The Application.Kind property will be "Run-Time System" when you build an exe. Or you can use the the conditional disable structure to create your own conditions.
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Thanx for the reply.. I'll try it out..

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