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RS422 device on RS485 interface of sbRIO-9636 ? (RX only)



I need to connect a RS422 rotary encoder (w. digital interface) to a sbRIO-9636. Because of the similarity I thought of using the RS485 Interface of the sbRIO. I do only need to receiver messages from the rotary encoder. The encoder is the only client on the bus. Is that possible? I'm pretty sure voltage levels and transceiver should be fine but I'm not sure about the logic behind the interfaces.


Thank you very much


Michael L.

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Hi Michael_L,


RS-485 and RS-422 are very similar. The difference being whether it is multi-drop or not. Here is a KnowledgeBase with a quick comparison between the two. The serial transeciver on the sbRIO-9636 looks like it is compatible with RS-422 and RS-485. In the VISA API, you may need to set the wire-mode. I have not tested this as I don't have an RS-422 device at my dispoasal, however.



National Instruments
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