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Problems discovering C modules on crio




cRIO is a something new for me, got it only few days ago. I have discovered some problems.. When I try to add my cRIO device to a new project I get message:

A connection could not be established to the specified remote device. Ensure that the device is on and accessible over the network, that NI-RIO software is installed, and that the RIO server is running and properly configured. If the device is a controller, make sure that it is not in safe mode.


So.. For now I have connected my device to a computer, installed NI-RIO software from the disc on my PC, I have loaded minimum software options on it, it is connected and can be discovered in MAX, that signs device is not in safe mode and operating normally.. I am using LabVIEW 2010.

What I am doing wrong and where can be the problem? What is the RIO server, btw, where can it be found?


Thanks for your support in advance.

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Hello Fyfkin,


Could you please list the following to assist in the problem of isolating why you are unable to connect as expected: cRIO device version, RIO Driver (versions installed on the cRIO controller and development system), RT and/or FPGA module versions as well. Additionally, are you connecting the cRIO directly to your development system via a crossover cable, or through a networked switch?



Blayne Kettlewell

ELP Engineer

National Instruments  



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I think we need the information requested above in order to help you. Nonetheless, I have had issues with cRIOs not being added to a LV project which were related to an incorrect order of the installation packages. You should have installed Labview first, then the Real-Time Module, and then the NI RIO drivers. I hope this helps.






Javier Ruiz - Partner at JKI
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I am using cRIO-9075 with NI 9472 and NI 9422 modules. System is connected to a PC directly. It is all running on LabVIEW Base 2010 with NI-RIO 4.0.

Is it neccesary to have RT or FPGA to use this? It is not said, that it is required on cRIO-9075 page, it is said, that it is compatible with it (

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Hi Fyfkin,


I'm sorry the documentation was not overly clear for the recommended and compatible software for the 9075. You will require the RT module to develop with your cRIO and perhaps also the FPGA module if you wish to engage in FPGA programming. I have gone ahead and requested that the documentation be clarified along these lines so that there hopefully will be less confusion in the future.



Blayne K

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You will actually need 2010 SP1 along with LV RT to use the cRIO-9075. If you have additional connection problems please follow this troubleshooting guide.




National Instruments
RIO Embedded Hardware PSE

CompactRIO Developers Guide
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Hi Blayne,


Oh, that is how it is.. Ok, I will see what we can do about this with my management, but it is quite confusing for me as we do not have license for LW RT module now..

Thank you for replying soon, I will let you know how we will go on.


Best regards,


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