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Problems connection to cRIO with second network card

Hi there,
I'm having problems connecting to a cRIO-9004 using a second network card.
For isolation reasons I am communicating with the cRIO over a fibre optic link which is connected to my PC via a second network card.
I have the second network card configured with an IP of and the cRIO configured to be at, the subnet masks of both are set to be
If I disable my primary network card, I can communicate fine. MAX sees the cRIO and can control it and retrieve status information.
If I re-enable the primary network card, MAX loses the connection to the cRIO and cannot re-estrablish it. I can, however, ping the cRIO and get packets back.
I'm using MAX v4.2.1.3001 and NI-RIO v2.1.0
any ideas on how I can this to work ?
dave Langstaff
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Replying to my own thread here.....

The solution I found was to disable windows firewall for the private network (leaving it up for the internet connection).


NetworkConnections -> Change Windows firewall settings -> Advanced tab

this should display a list of the network connections from the PC. Uncheck the one relating to the private network connected just to the cRIO.


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I had a similar problem.

Go to Network Connections-->Advanced in Menu-->Advanced Settings...

Under the Adapters and Bindings tabs make the cRIO network card first in the list.

Also, go to the TCP/IP Settings for your primary card under Advanced and set you Interface metric to something less than 20 (mine is 10).
Randall Pursley
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