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Problem with ethercat chassis 9144



Currently, i am working with Crio 9030, ethercat chassis 9144 and 8 moduls of RTD NI9216.

This friday my project was working perfectly, but today i tried to run the same project but it does not due to some errors. 

- First i can not see the online state of my chassis

- the program is running prefectly without chassis

- when i add the chassis, i could descover it with all the moduls but i can not deploy it 

- sometimes i can deploy it but my input of NI9216 is giving me value of 0 which is not possible. 

- my distributed system manager is also detecting the chassis with its moduls but we can not see the values.. 

Please do you have anu solutions ? 

is it the probleme coming from Crio or from chassis ? 

do you think also the problem is coming from the software ? 

Waiting to hear from you soon.

Your faithfully,


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