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Problem with Daq function

I am getting an error like this: HEAP[CTDS2_dbg.exe]: Heap block at 015D2108 modified at 015D2180 past requested size of 70
This is in my Debug output window. What does this mean? And, what happened to the build error window that used to appear when an error occured during the debug.
The program stops when I do this:

nidaqAIStop (daq_ai_tsk1);
Delay (.25);
nidaqAIDestroyTask (daq_ai_tsk1);

It highlights the last line and no build error pops up. Just the message in the Debug output window.
Thanks for any help
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I have experienced the same problem that you describe here. Unfortuantely, I can't seem to figure it out, nor can NI tech support (as they cannot duplicate it). Heve you found a resolution to it? Please email me if you have any suggestions.


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