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Problem on the connection with cRIO 9014


I write this message because I have some problems with a compactRIO 9014. After that I've tried to programming the FPGA an error has been detected and the status led starts to blink twice per second (so it means that the system has decteted an error in the software of the chassis). The problem is that since the status led has started to blink I'm not able to connect to the controller (it doesn't appear in MAX). The link activity led doesn't blink and the orange light is always active. I have tried to reset the IP but it doesn't work. I've tried also to power on the controller in safe mode but also in this case I'm not able to connect to the compactRIO. I've noticed that when the safe mode is active the status led blink once per second.

Can anyone help me?


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Hi JacMec93,


Have you tried to reset your device to the factory state?

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