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Problem of openning FPGA VI

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Hello everyone,


I am running with a NI cRIO 9035, 2 NI 9503 and 2 steppet motor, so I have created 2 FPGA Vi, each FPGA Vi control one stepper motor. Now I want to make these 2 FPGA Vi run in the same Host Vi, how could I do? 


Thanks a lot.


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I kind of depends on your interface to your FPGAs.  Could you share some code so we can understand what you currently have?

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Thank you for remplying me, I add my codes in this message. I am controlling 2 stepper moteur and have created one FPGA Vi and one Host Vi for each motor, now I want to put these two Host Vi in one Host Vi, when I run the Host Vi, il reports an error '' -61202'. After reading HELP LabVIEW, I know where is the problem but I don't know how to fix it. Please give some ideas.


Thanks a lot.

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You do have some work ahead of you here.  But what needs to happen is you need to duplicate both of your current FPGA VIs into a single VI.  This will require renaming all of your controls and indicators to avoid conflicts (copy and paste otherwise).  You will then need to do similar for your host.

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Yeah, it would be nice if you could drop both those top level VIs in a new vi and have that be the new top level. Unfortunately that's not possible currently. 


So yes, like crossrulz said. You have to merge the two top levels manually. I suggest you encapsulate some of the duplicate code in a subVI to make the resulting VI cleaner. It's also probably a good idea to merge some of those loops that are similar between the two.

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Thank you for replying me, it does me a great favor. But I have another problem, I put them in the same FPGA VI and created one HOST VI. The HOST VI is ccorrect without error, but both of  motors don't turn, I don't know if the problem is about voltage, I add my new codes in this message. Thanks a lot.

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You're going to have to trace it back for us with an oscilloscope since we don't have your hardware setup. Do you see the correct stepping at the modules? If not, is the duty cycle right? ... you should be able to trace it back until something looks wrong.

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