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Possibly damaged NI 9205 - Need advice/help


I've been running tests with the cDAQ 9132 using NI 9477 and NI 9205 modules for a few weeks now. I am closing a channel in the 9477 connected to an external circuit and using the 9205 to read the voltage across a voltage divider. In my test, I am interested in seeing if there are any shorts within the external circuit, from channel to channel, so in order to simulate this I introduced a short between two of the analog channels on the 9205. See picture below.


Test circuit.png


To clarify, one one channel of the 9477 will be on at a time. So when the first channel closes, I'd see voltage on A0 and A1. I'd been running tests like this for weeks and no problems. Today I decided I would run the test without the short, so I removed the wire with the 9V battery unplugged. I did not turn off the cDAQ. Now suddenly the module doesn't appear in MAX. I am thinking I likely ESD'd the crap out of the card, but is there any other scenario someone knows about that I can test?

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Have you tried using the module in a different chassis or controller? Also, do you still see the other modules that are docked in the controller?

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