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Port range to open on firewall for communicating with EtherCAT chassis (9145)

As above:

which ports LV uses to communicate with EtherCAT master (and slaves) in the project? Mainly "deploy" "online master state" etc.




no luck.

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 You need to turn on the Ethernet ports on your computer.

But to be sure that I had understood your question, could you describe your question in more details.   

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Its w little bit more complicated than that. Let me explain:


I was integrating some hardware remotely and wanted to use SSH tunnelling to get access to cRIO which is at client's side and be discoverable in my local network. For that I need to know which services/actions done in LV project are communicating with cRIO at which ports.


But what I didn't know SSH tunnelling works only for TCP not UDP  so it wont work. It Partly works but not completely. You can connect, upload some stuff but anything EtherCAT related does not work.


Nevermind, topic to be closed.


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