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PXI RealTime Analog Read returning 0.00

I have a PXI1031 with an 8045RT controller card (ethernet) and a PXI-6052E DAQ card. I am running LabView realtime code on this PXI system. I am reading AI0 to AI14, and the data is returning as 0 always. There are no VI errors I have traced and probed everything. I am using the traditional DAQ drivers. Has anyone experienced this or know what causes it? Also the Digital IO works fine, a mystery.



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What transducer do you have connected and what type of signal/grounding? Also, what pins are you connected to? It is possible that something is hooked up incorrectly, so if you could provide detail about your hardware setup and maybe a screenshot of your VI, it would be helpful. It is also possible that there is something wrong with your DAQ card, to verify this, we can run the DAQ Diagnostic Utility, which can be found here:



Anna K.

National Instruments
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