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PCIe 7846R Pinout Incorrect

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My team recently purchased a PCIe 7846R card.  I have found on the NI website there are two differing pinout specifications for this card that conflict.


On the PCIe 7846 R-series card documentation proper, I see on page 2 that connector 1 has a particular pinout, ex. pin 1 is DIO31.


Conversely, on the more generic documentation for the PCIe 784xR, I see in Figure 2 on page 10 that connector 1 has an entirely different pinout, ex. pin 1 is +5V.


Which, if either, of these pieces of documentation has the correct pinout?

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You are right, there is discrepancy in the documentation - Please use this  ( as this is the latest pin out document - last document updated in Nov 2018)


Looks known an issue documentation. Remember that the Connector 0 should be (DIO) and Connector 1 (MIO). To resolve please switch both the pin-out pictures and the (MIO/DIO) text from the above link.



Dharani | CLA | CTD

Dharani | CLA | CTD
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