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PCI-6250 & PCI-6733 to a new PC

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Hi everyone,


I had those two old cards in an old WinXP PC working just fine.

Now I need to get them to a newer PC.

It's hard enough trying to find one with a motherboard that has 2xPCI.

Will I have any other compatibility problems?

Do I need a 32bit PC? Maybe, a 32bit Windows version?


Please help!

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You can install it on any computer that has a PCI slot. In terms of software support, you need to check if there is a DAQmx driver that supports 6250 and 6733 for that OS version.


Soliton Technologies

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Thank you for your answer!

Luckily, I found that it supports drivers that can run on Win10 (15.5 and later).

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