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PCI-6035e test panel locks up under windows 2000.

I just installed a PCI-6035E in and Advantech IPC, The device driver was never setup, and I ended up with "Unknown PCI Device" in Device Manager. I then installed the driver by hand, and the device shows up in Device Manager and in MAX correctly. When I select the device and try to run Test Panel, the PC locks up tight. I have installed (then uninstalled) the whole deal twice now. I have NI-DAQ version 6.9.1.

Do you have any idea what is causing Test Panel to lock up?
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If you installed the NI-DAQ driver, before plug the board in the machine, and you are still seing that behavior; the best way to go about that is to try a fresh installation on a different machine.
If that still doesn't work, your hardware is damaged and needs to be fixed by NI.
Hope this helps.
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