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Outputting waveform using NI-9269 on cRIO-9114


Brand new to using LabVIEW and compactRIO, and I'm the only person in my lab who knows the basics so I'm on my own with this stuff....


I'm trying to output square pulses using the 9269 module and LabVIEW Real-Time. I have a 1D array with the waveform data, and I have tried various array operations and loops to try to send each element to the output variable, but I can't get it to read more than the first value. Right now I have the data array and the output variable inside a timed loop, synchronized to the scan engine with dt 1 and scan period set to 10 ms. I'm guessing there is a simple way to do this but I just don't know the program well enough to find it... Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hello mtetlow


Well, in order to generate a square wave yo have to specify the voltage output, and the up time and the down time of the signal. I tried it with a 9074 and a 9263 module and I was able to read the square signal in my PCI 6251


See image below:





Mart G


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Thanks a lot! This is working a lot better than what I had. Editing to fit my needs a bit better now, might have more questions later.

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same here buddy 

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