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Output in AT_DIO_32HS without caring for triggers

I want to output data as a group of size 1 in a AT-DIO-32HS whenever I want to. Currently I have to change states of tha ACK line in order to accomplish this. Any ideas? No peripheral devices is currently connected.
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Your program with the AT-DIO-32HS probably has a start trigger configured, so you will have to wait for the trigger in order to output your digital patterns. By default when you start the digital output operation the program should immediately output the digital pattern in the buffer, unless you are using handshaking which requires certian states to be true on the handshaking lines in order to transfer data.

I would recommend reviewing the examples that ship with NI-DAQ for the 653x devices, which includes the AT-DIO-32HS. The LabVIEW examples can be found by Search Examples -> I/O Interfaces -> Data Acquisition -> Digital Input and Output. You will want to find out what type of output operation you are doing such as Pattern I/O or one of the handshaking
For the CVI examples look under ../cvi/samples/daq/do
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