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On the timeout phenomenon of PXIe-8840 real time system

In the development environment, I found that this frame has a timeout every 38 to 40 seconds.


However, after I downloaded and deployed the real-time program to PXI (components : PXIe-1082 chassis, PXIe-8840 controller, PXIe-6738 and PXIe-4497 card), I estimated that this frame also timed out, which showed that the time required to see the signal trigger increased slowly (as shown in the figure 2, there was a deviation of 0.6 ms in about 4 minutes); I want to solve the problem of frame timeout, but it will what is the reason for this?


Thank you in advance for checking and helping!





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By saying timeout you mean that program gives timeout error?

Also, I noticed DAQmx run vi in the timed loop (at the bottom), this is not usual and right way to start the acquisition/generation.


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Thank you for your review and guidance. Timeout means that the acquisition card does not seem to be able to achieve a very accurate sampling rate. DAQmx reads VI every 20 seconds, and the waiting time for data acquisition exceeds 1ms.
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