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On a CompactRIO, should I have to clean periodically the directory C:\tmp?



On CompactRIOs NI 9012 and NI 9014, I can see some files accumulating in the directory C:\tmp. Essentially, xml files and log files.


Should I have to clean these files on a regular basis or will the system clean them by itself?


Thank you for your answers.



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The cRIO controllers will accumulate up to 32 files in the C:\tmp folder.
Once it has reached 32 files, the files will be cleaned up.

Please notify us if this shouldn't be the case so we can investigate further.


Also be aware that many files in you C:\tmp file may indicate that your application is creating error.
Have a look at the contents of your log files to be certain.

Best regards,

National Instruments

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I have indeed only 32 files with a "txt" extension + "lvrt.out_8.5.1__cur.txt" + "lvrt.out_8.5.1__log.txt".


Unfortunately, I have also 118 files with an "xml' extension. Here are two such XML files attached (note that I appended the "txt" extension in order to be able to send them to this forum). Will these files be also cleaned up?




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After some investigation I suspect the following. The c:\temp folder has a maximum size of 1.8 Mbyte, I do not know why, but I expect it to have something to do with the size of the flashdrive inside the cRIO controllers. You are using the 9012 and 9014 type of controllers and they run the VxWorks OS instead of our own Pharlab OS and they have a relieable file system. The XML files are related to that filesystem and will clean themselves with a maximum of 1.8 Mbyte.
In the c:\temp directory are other things saved that you might not use, like trace logs from our execution trace toolkit and temporary data from our Web - servers.

If you have any more questions please feel free to ask

With Kindest Regards
Bart De Rouck
Sales Manager NI Belgium
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