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Not sure if I should go with a cRIO-9053 or a 9063

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What I'm doing is really simple, making a monitoring system for a forklift to see how much power it uses throughout the days. I want to connect it to the wifi, which I was going to use a netgear AC1000 router and set it up in bridge mode. That way I can see the data remotely, and I'm assuming I can log the data over the network instead of locally on the rio itself.


All I'm measuring is current and voltage, I have my module cards picked out already. I'm just not sure if I should use a 9053 or a 9063. I read the product specs on each but I still am not sure why I should choose one over the other. Any recommendations?


One thing I noticed about the 9053 is that it uses DAQMX? So far the only rio I've programmed is a 9074, so I'd like to keep the programming style similar. It's ok if it can utilize the DAQMX VI's, but I would prefer that it doesn't have to be only that. Although I guess it doesn't really matter that much.

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The modern cRIOs just have the option to use DAQmx.  But you can still program them using the Scan Engine or the FPGA as well.


The 9063 has been around for a good while (2015) and is currently in the "Mature" life cycle (ie it is on its way out).  The 9053 is newer (spec is dated 2018).  It's specifications are all way better (2x processor power, 4x RAM, 8x hard drive space) and is cheaper.  This seems like a no-brainer: Go with the 9053.

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THANK YOU. That's all I needed to hear. Much appreciated. I wasn't sure if one was just better all around than the other, or if one had certain specs that made it good for one thing, and the other better at something else.

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