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NiSysCFG: Upgrade from firmware file for NI 9860

we want to upgrade the firmware for NI 9860 via NSysCfg. Is this possible ?
Upgrading the firmware for cRIO-9033 with the file "cRIO-9033_7.1.0.cfg" from the directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\Shared\Firmware\cRIO\7735" with the function NISysCfgUpgradeFirmwareFromFile from NISysCFG worked.
For the XNET module it did not work with the the firmware file "ens9860_2PortFpga.enb" from C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\NI-XNET\firmware, which seems to be the correct file because of the version information in the file "ens9860_2PortFpga.enh", which we compared with the version information of the firmware which NI MAX offers to install. NISysCfgUpgradeFirmwareFromFile fails with the error code NISysCfg_NotImplemented.

NI Max is able to upgrade the firmware. But only when we used the combobox in NI Max to select the firmware by it's version. Choosing the firmware file "ens9860_2PortFpga.enb" manually in NI Max via it's path and trying to upgrade also fails (error code 80004001).



So we thought NISysCfgUpgradeFirmwareVersion from NISysCFG might work. It seems to return always success but do nothing. Anyway we would need a "...FromFile" method, which would run with only the NSysCfg libs and a firmware file.

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