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Need help on building an ECU system for automotive EFI system for efficiency


First of foremost, I'm a student from a university in Malaysia. We're taking part in the Shell Eco Marathon Eco Racing competition which requires students to build a vehicle from scratch and race it. The winning team is the one that uses the least amount of fuel in a given distance and time. The vehicle's engine we chosed to use for the 2012 edition will be an Electronic Fuel Injected engine instead of the common carburated engine we used for the 2011 edition of the race. By using an EFI system to control the system, we will be able to save and improve the engine efficiency up to 50%. In order to implement EFI system on the current engine we have, we need to have and utilized a universal programmable ECU system. Based on the research done on the market today, most of the ECU can only be programmed for performance and can't be reprogrammed for other purposes. After research being done on National Instruments on the availability of system to build an ECU from NI products, we found that there is such a system from NI. However, according to this case study used previously by a university -, we doesn't know what type of CompactRIO programmable automation controller was used and also the module being utilized for the design of the ECU. Also, we doesn't know which module of field-programmable gate array (FPGA) and CompactRio were used in the designing and manufacturing of the ECU. We need to know the products and modules from NI that can provide a more sustainable method to power our engines by reducing fuel consumption and emissions and maximizing fuel efficiency. Several ECUs take data from the rotations per minute (rpm), request the torque/throttle position or boost pressure in the turbocharged engine, and determine the optimum ignition time and period as well as the optimum fuel injection amount and time. 

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check out the cRIO based engine control hardware and software at
Stephen B
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