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NISysCfg_Timeout with NISysCfgGetSystemImageAsFolder and RAD Utility.

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im trying to get system images from crios through the RAD Utility and through the niscfg library using the NISysCfgGetSystemImageAsFolder
function. I have tested two crios. Both are 9033 one with OS version 16.0 and one with OS version 19.0. Rad Utility version is 14.0.
When using the API functions after several minutes i get the error NISysCfg_Timeout = -2147220323 for both crios. The same happened when i used the RAD Utility. I traced it down to the following :

After calling the api functions or using RAD those crios reboot successfuly into safemode, if they are not already in safemode. Then 2 processes are started. top and ps are showing :
2986 admin 0:00 {nisystemimage} /bin/bash /usr/local/natinst/bin/nisystemimage get -x tgz -f /mnt/userfs/.syscfg-action/{57B4B713-C58D-4CCD-A5E8-44DFBBE29ED0}/SystemImage.tgz -B natinst/nisyslog -B .syscfg-action -B /etc/natinst/sh

and also a gzip process.

In /mnt/userfs/.syscfg-action/{Some-Random-Hex-String-Folder}/ the SystemImage.tgz.tmp file grows until it is renamed to SystemImage.tgz. This should mean the archiving of the files should have been successfully finished. Then the archive file gets transferred to Windows Notebook which i can observe in the network load graph in the task manager. Several seconds after the transfer seems to be finished i get above NISysCfg_Timeout error. When I use the RAD Utility the exact same thing happens but it also shows me some more information. After the transfer of the archive SystemImage.tgz the last thing the RAD Utility is trying to do is retrieving some files from the users AppData\Local\Temp\ folder on the notebook.
It shows the message "Getting file C:\Users\MYUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp\lvtemporary_55687.rad\imageDir\systemimage.tar.gz" in a textedit like widget. Then there is shown another message which i couldn't read that fast, since it lasted for less than 1 second on the screen, and then another window pops up with "Application Image Retrieval Error: ... Replication and Deployment -2147220323". See the screenshot in the attachment for this.

Also when using the api functions it creates successfully nisyscfg.niauth.bin and RTCtrlr.ini in the destination folder i give the function as a parameter. So i definitely have write permissions for the destination folder. Also there is over 30GB free of ssd disk space which should be more than enough.

Also i have already also disabled firewall and antivirus for temporarily since i suspected it to discard the SystemImage.tgz file when i saw it scanning it while it was transfered from the crio to the notebook, but it didn't help.

This doesn't look like a timeout to me but something else failing. Anyway how can i fix this ?

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Sorry the version of one of the crios was 19.1 instead of 19.0 but i think it shouldn't make any difference.

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Accepted by topic author abdelam

The issue is solved. We had to switch from windows 7 to windows 10 anyway because of the end of support for windows 7. Because of that we also had to install all the NI Software new and now everything works as expected.

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