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NISwitch control of scxi-1161 in LabVIEW RT

I'm trying to control the scxi-1161 relay card on a LabVIEW RT system. When I attempt to download my vi, I get several error messages to the effect of "Failed to download NiSwitch .vi". Is there something I need to do to get NiSwitch to work with the realtime OS?
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Unfortunately for RT users, NI-Switch is an IVI based driver. IVI, and therefore NI-Switch, has never been supported and will not work in RT.

The good news is it is possible to control the switches in the SCXI-1161 using NI-DAQ digital calls. This is the method you must use in order to use the SCXI-1161 in an RT system.

There is an example called, "SCXI-1161 Digital" that ships with NI-DAQ and should be viewable in the NI Example Finder catagorized under Hardware Input and Output -> Traditional DAQ -> SCXI.

Jeff Boettcher
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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