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NI9264 damaged insulation?



My NI9264 probably has a damaged electric insulation. The start up voltage is not 0. AO0 AO1 has startup voltage of about 0.33V and AO15 has a startup voltage of around 1V. 

More importantly, the voltage output is not being controlled by the vi. I only have a while loop with FPGA AO15 connected to a control.

I used the same software on another NI9263 module and the voltage changed according to the control in the front panel.

I should also add that, the cRio chassis is ok, because the 9205 AI and 9263 AO all worked fine.

Is this fixable? I tried to submit a repair request but the module doesn't say "serial number xxx". I entered some number on it and the website says its a USB DAQ. So I wasn't able to get help from NI. Can someone from NI help me out? Thanks

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