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Dear all,


I have an NI6255 which shall support multi-channel analog input sampling with up to 750kSamples/s.


I am operating the NI6255 with 58 analog inputs with a sampling rate of 20kHz each resulting in a total sampling rate of  1160kSamples/s.


My question are:

1. Why is this possible if the maximum multi-channel analog input sampling rate is specified as 750kSamples/s.

2. What are the effects of exceeding the maximum specified sampling rate?


Many thanks for your help!

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You will find your answers here.

Multichannel maximum (aggregate) 750kS/s means if you use all channels.

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Thank you for the answer and for the link.


However, what I still do not understand is why it is possible to set up a configuration for the NI card leading to a multichannel aggregate of more than 750kS/s. 

I would expect that the card reacts with an error and does not provide any samples at all. But it seems this not the case. So what is then happening inside the card?


Many thanks for your help!



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