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NI-VISA error/communication failure

I use a cRIO9012 (10 years old). The ethernet com just stopped working, I can't connect to it by the ethernet and the HMI is using ethernet so the device is useless now.


Is this hardware failure? Can I use the USB port in stead?

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If nothing had changed in your system before the ethernet stopped working, then it does sound like a hardware issue. The USB port is only used for connecting storage devices to the cRIO, so it can't really replace the ethernet port for communication to your HMI.


I'd recommend opening a service request witn NI to check if the ethernet has failed.



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I bet something DID change in your network setup. A lot of things can change. Firewall setup, dynamic ip range being changed so that now your static IP is getting clobbered by another device that is getting that same IP assigned dynamically, and god knows what else. A good way to find out if that port is truly broken is to connect with your own router with nothing as far as ports blocked with nothing but the cRIO and HMI computer on it. Make sure the cRIO IP address get set to the right subnet, ping it, if it pings back the port is good. Then connect with HMI. If HMI connects , then something probably got messed on the other router that it's normally connected to. I supposed you could also do a direct connect "null modem" between the HMI computer and cRIO as well, that sometimes be trickier to setup .

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I've opened a service request already but they took their time replying, that's why I came here. My hunch is that it's hardware failure but I've not been able too look into it until today so we'll see.

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Thanks, I'll try all of that today and also NI came back to me with some tests so I'll find out if it's hardware related or not.

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