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NI USB 6341 as stand alone data logger


Does the USB 6341 have on board memory to which measurements can be written to in order to be extracted at a later stage?

I am running a series of experiments on a solar air collector in outdoor conditions. I have a USB 6341 available and have programmed my VI's with all my sensors to take the needed measurements as well as to do some calculations while the measurements are being recorded. Since the collector operates in varying climatic conditions, I need to gather as much data as possible. Can the USB 6341 be used as a stand alone data logger without being connected to a computer or is there a way to write the data to the computer using some kind of wifi module. The main problem is that i can't leave a laptop plugged into the USB 6341 for the reuired period of time. I would really like to use this setup instead of a traditional stand alone data logger as it would save me a lot of time and effort in data analysis and is nice to see the real time behaviour of the collector.

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As far as the USB-6341, it has to be connected to something.  After all, it gets its power from the USB.  Plus it does not have a harddrive in it, only RAM.


It sounds like what you really want is a cDAQ with an Ethernet connection.  Then your laptop can be in a control room and just uses the Ethernet connection to communicate with the cDAQ.  Most of your code would not even change: just the initialization of the DAQ task.

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