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NI Serial 3.7 & C series 9870


Goo day all!

I'm using 9012 with 9870 & 9074 -> 9144 (EtherCAT) with 9870.

I installed the NI Serial 3.7 so that 9870 can be used in scan mode.

However i wasn't able to get that to work.


I followed the steps in the KB


I looked at the readmeRT from the download site too.


Changes and Fixed Issues in Version 3.7

NI 9870 and 9871 Modules

NI-Serial 3.7 allows users to access the NI 9870 and 9871 modules directly from LabVIEW Real-Time 2010 without using the LabVIEW FPGA interface.

To enable this support, install NI-Serial 3.7 and NI-VISA for LabVIEW Real-Time on a Compact RIO Target that supports RIO Scan Interface (RSI). When detecting the modules, users will have the option to add the module directly to the chassis in the LabVIEW project.


Below are some screenshots of my RT software installed and my project.


ni serial 3.7 RT installed.png




installed RT SW.png

module discovery.png

Where did i went wrong??

Can someone kindly help me by providing me a step by step guide how to get 9870 with scan mode working on my 9012 and 9074 controllers?






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I think i manage to get it working.


I replace any module on the slot (in the project explorer) and deploy it. All the ports appears on the VISA resource.



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I am facing the same problem as you was before.  My system is cRIO 9074 --> 9144 --> 9870.  With LabView 2009.

I want to use the Scan Interface mode on 9870 on the 9144 chassis. 

I am wondering does LV2009 support this setup? or What version of LabView do you use?


Also, according to the link


It indicates the 9870 is still not supported by 9144 with Scan Interface mode.


Thank you,

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