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NI Real-Time Tracing Session file format


We are developing a large multicore Real-Time application with a considerable amount of VIs. We have used the Real-Time Viewer with our application and the results are partially satisfactory. In particular we are interested in obtain some statistics of execution times and jitter of the VIs. Such features are not available so far (LV2018). These statistics will allow us to quantify the Real-Time performance of our system and the effect of specific VIs.


A possible approach is to manually parse the log binary file and this is the reason of this email. 

Format details, or tools for getting information programmatically (either LabView or C) or aggregation tools will be appreciated,


By looking at the NI Real-Time Trace Viewer there are two lists: threads and VIs, and then, for each list, the timing information associated with the specific core.  The file is the dump of the memory buffer from the NI Real-Time and contains a header (mentioning LVRT, 2.0 and host) then the core of the timestamp, followed by some textual information that should provide names of threads and VIs. Each log file is self-standing. 






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