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NI PCI express cards

I'm hoping to hear from someone at NI on whether NI plans to make more cards available in PCI express form. We use destkop ETS computers and are often limited on the number of PCI slots as they seem to be phasing out on motherboards. We're always down 1 PCI slot to start with because we haven't found a motherboard that has a supported built-in Ethernet chipset, nor have we found a PCI express NIC card with an RT supported Ethernet chipset. If anyone has found one, please share. Otherwise, I wish NI would make more cards available in PCI express.

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We do not discuss future product plans, but I can however tell you that PCI Express is an industry standard so I would not be suprised if we did release more products supporting it.  We will of course make sure to make everone aware if and when we introduce any new products.

Jason Daming
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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OK. Just wanted to let you know that someone out there is waiting for more PCIe stuff. Thanks.

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