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NI PCI 7851R Linux compatibility

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Hi y'all!

I'm taking into consideration this FPGA-based board for doing digital acquisition/generation, plugging it into a PCIe slot of a PC running LabVIEW for Linux in a Red Hat environment. 

The datasheet of the "NI R-series multifunction RIO", that is the series into which this board falls, doesn't list Linux in the "Requirements and compatibility" paragraph; only several Windows OS.

However, the description of the "NI-RIO Drier 14.0 for Linux" (which is the one used for this board) clearly mentions PCI-7851R in the list of supported hardware.

Finding these two statements a bit confusing, I kindly ask if this piece of hardware is actually Linux compatible.



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Hi, As explained in the RIO driver for Linux ( : 

NI-RIO Driver 14.0 for Linux provides run-time support for NI-RIO devices on Scientific Linux 6.x, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x and 7.x, and openSUSE 12.x and 13.1. Please see the readme for full OS support.

This means you can use the PCI 7851R card in a Linux computer whihc OS is compatible such as Red Hat Enterprise.

Have a nice day

Adrien M.
Certified LabVIEW Developer
National Instruments France

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Hi Adrien!

That's exactly the webpage I saw about the driver, which lists the 7851R board!

What has confused me is that in no linux is mentioned, so I wasn't sure who to trust more...

Thank you for you opinion!

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