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NI PCI-7813R is recognized as PCI-7811R

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My problem is:
NI PCI-7813R is recognized as PCI-7811R in System Device Manager by default.
After manual driver update and selection unsigned driver PCI-7813 it seems OK. It is properly recognized by MAX after system reboot (MAX also recognized the board as 7811R before reboot).
Finally, the LabVIEW Project Explorer is able to find 7811 target only. It cause problems with compiling and running FPGA software on PCI-7813R.
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Hi Arturs,


Can you, please, specify the following information:

  • Which OS do you use?
  • What versions of NI-RIO and NI-VISA did you install lately?
  • What's your LV, LV RT, LV FPGA version?

It's pretty strange, but sounds like some driver-to-dev.system incompatibility.




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Accepted by topic author arturs

Many thanks for your help intention. I found solution. It was mistake in our laboratory. I used wrong board. It was realy 7811 I had in my PC. Right card (7813) was on the shelf. Smiley Very Happy


Life is funny, but sometimes we loose a lot of time and resources by mistake.


Thanks and regards



This task should be closed now.



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