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NI MAX crush when I tried to update the software on compactRIO

Hi, all.


I have a problem when I install software on the compactRIO NI-9039 by MAX.


Below, the situation is explained.

NI-9039 is connected to the host PC with usb-B to A cable.

It is shown in the NI MAX>remote system>NI-9039.(but it is so unstablly.)

I open the software tab and go to "add software".

I select the basic image of labview 2022, then select nessesary modules, and install start.

After installing, NI-9039 should restart (as written in popup), however, the connection between the host PC and NI-9039 is lost. (the power is still on.)

After that, the host PC cannot find NI-9039 anymore.


Does anyone have solutions for this?

Or advise what I should do?


Best regard.


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Hello cleska

In this case I have suggestions that can help solving this issue. 

1. If you have another cRIO, try to raplicate these actions on that cRIO to see what's happening. If the second one working normally, then the problem comes from first hardware otherwise from softwareIf the problem comes from hardware, then try to format your hardware by following this article.

2. Reset hardware for troubleshooting from the beginning and try to connect hardware with USB direct your PC and check if it is working as expected or not, follow this article. 




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