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NI 9923 Terminal Block to NI 9205 and 9264 Modules

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, and it may be a silly question. But I am using a NI cRIO-9054 controller. I have installed the NI 9205 and 9264 Modules. I want to attach NI 9923 terminal blocks to the two modules, but it seems like the jackscrews on the sides of terminal blocks don't quite reach down to where they're supposed to screw into on the C series modules. They're blocked by the outer casing of the terminal blocks themselves. I thought maybe I could push down the blocks further so that the pins on the modules can insert further in, but no matter how hard I push it won't budge, and I'm afraid applying too much force that I'd break it. I want to ask, am I doing something wrong or are these two just incompatible? (I did not order these myself. They were just given to me to work with.)


As reference, here are some manuals from NI:


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