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NI 9144 scan engine I/O variables

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I am thinking of replacing a cRIO-9074 with a 9144 expansion chassis and want to make sure that the interface I

am using to access I/O variables programmatically by URL will still work with the 9144.  If possible could someone

disclose the URL format?


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The following are some example URLs for the channels on a 9144 expansion chassis. I used all default names for the controller, EtherCAT Master, chassis, modules, and channels.


\\RT CompactRIO Target\EtherCAT Master\Device\Mod1\AI0

\\RT CompactRIO Target\EtherCAT Master\Device\Mod2\DIO0

\\RT CompactRIO Target\EtherCAT Master\Device2\Mod1\AI0

\\RT PXI Target\EtherCAT Master\Device\Mod2\DIO0


RT CompactRIO Target - name of the RT target

EtherCAT Master - name of the EtherCAT interface on the RT target

Device - name of the 9144 chassis

Mod1 - name of the module

AI0 - name of the channel


To access the 9144 chassis you need to physically connect it to either a CompactRIO controller with dual Ethernet ports or a PXI RT controller with dual Ethernet ports.

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Christian L, CLA
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