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NI 9144 firmware

NI 9144


Hey I'm actually trying to use NI 9144 as a slave with CIFX 50 (Hilscher), and the master is able to detect the slave but it's unable to make communication with it. I'm getting some message stating that SetCommunication with NI_9144 is not available.

 The CIFX is able to communicate but the problem is with the NI 9144 only. So is there any firmware for NI 9144 ? and can we make this NI 9144 as a stand-alone slave ?

If so, then i think the problem can be fixed.


We are in need to overcome this problem immediately, So can you please guide us as early as possible.


Thank you in advance !


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First of all you should use the IndCom Board for this kind of question.

Second the 9144 can be used in two ways, as a static configured slave with a fixed set of modules plugged in or as a MDP (Modular device profile) slave with a modular concept and dynamic module detection.

Third the 9144 saves the module PDO configuration and mapping within the Object dictionary in memory after bootup, so if your Master supports it it could be uploaded.

Or the master could use a static or MDP XML file configuration to get the PDO configuration offline.

You can create a static XML file for just one 9144 in the same network by using the Tool download from here.

Or you could use the attached MDP configuration files if you have more then one 9144 chassis in the same network and your Master supports MDP.

And yes. The slave has a firmware that can be updated by any master in bootstrap mode by using FoE. I have attached the latest firmware as well.

Let me know how it goes.



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